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  • From the driest desert...

  • ...through the highest mountain...

  • ...always creating images.

Welcome to Ouistiti S.V.P. –
the place to be

Lets create joy, capture happiness, and timeless images.


I will climb mountains. Sit in water. Chase your kids for the shot, while you throw your babies in the air, you kiss their foreheads, & tickle them for those moments.  I’m constantly pushing, looking, seeking. Creating Art. Timeless, beautiful, jaw dropping, “is that us?” art. I want every single picture to be printable.



I want to show how perfect you all are together on your wedding day. I want moments of laughter & joy, captured. Awesome, or even horrible dance moves, captured. So look at your husband a second longer. Hug your siblings and children tighter. Just breathe a second longer. The days will go by quicker than you ever imagine. So now you are left with these precious beautiful images. Which will bring back those seconds. The ones that you held onto for just a second longer.



Can you imagine the feel, taste or smell  just by looking at the image? That means the image it did it’s job.


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About Us

From the moment I picked up a camera I knew I was onto something special. I didn’t capture flowers and puppy dogs. I captured moments of my friends throughout those years. Seeing what I could capture and showing the world through my eyes, was the perfect precursor to my career today. Through years of college, university and life experiences, the idea of pursuing a photography career was never far away, and my dreams to capture more memorable moments for others ultimately led me to passion.

I not only get to capture individual portraits, but also couples on their other milestones. Their future children and watching their lives grow. This remains one of my greatest pleasures in both my photography business and in my life. And, as I did for my high school friends who still reminisce over that group photograph I took over 10 years ago, I look forward to creating unique, beautiful photography with you which will act a window back to your special moments for years to come.

When i’m not photographing people I like to the feeling of being out in the nature. Alone or with friends, trying to find new places from where I can show how beautiful the nature is. The feeling of being in a quiet green forest, or the feeling of a wild animal accepting you in it’s rightful territory is just amazing and I can only recommend it.

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