Lightroom Course


In this Lightroom tutorial, we’ll learn the fundamental tools, techniques, and workflows for Lightroom CC. While Photoshop has become a household term, with its many tools for organizing and editing a large number of photos, Lightroom is the industry standard tool for professional photographers around the world. Throughout this course, we’ll look at the tools and workflows you’ll need to know for organizing and editing your photos. By the end of this Lightroom training, you’ll have the knowledge you need to dive in and start using Lightroom in your own projects right away.

Learn how to organise and label the hundreds of digital images that you have, and experience the extremely intuitive and creative editing interface that Lightroom offers.

We will take a look at all aspects of the standard digital workflow: focusing on importing, organising, editing and then exporting and sharing your images.

What do I have to bring?

  • Your laptop (or if you have a desktop at home, we can lend you a laptop during the course)
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic CC installed (Creative Cloud pour Photos).
  • Some of your recent photos in a memory card to import to Lightroom
  • Positive attitude and passion for visual arts 🙂

We will learn how to import images into Lightroom, create a Lightroom catalog, create a panorama…

… edit the images and we will take a look at the best settings for exporting from Lightroom.

Details :

  • duration – 3h
  • in Sion, Valais
  • price : 95.- CHF per person

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